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Houston, we have lift off!

April 30, 2013

We launched Song of the Slums at the Conflux National SF and Fantasy convention in Canberra on Saturday 27th April. The book doesn’t officially hit the bookshops till May 1st, so it was an advance launch by a couple of days.

Terry on the left, Rob on the right, me in the background

Terry on the left, Rob on the right, me in the background

Here’s Rob Hood introducing Terry Dowling, both highly respected in the Australian/SF community. Terry was probably the first major figure in Australian SF/fantasy – that is, the current wave of Australian SF/fantasy that’s been growing and growing over a couple of decades now – and his short stories were the first to win international respect and lead the charge into the US.

For me, Terry was a special person to do the launch because, way back before I overcame writer’s block and before Terry’s first book was published, the two of us, plus guitarist Chris, used to play music together at venues around Sydney – and I was drawing on memories of those times in creating the experiences of the Rowdies band in Song of the Slums. Of course, the Rowdies invent rock ‘n roll in 1846 and take the world by storm – we were never that successful! Still, we had our moments.

So Terry re-lived some of those memories in launching the book. Then we did a reading, where Terry took on the voice of one of the ex-soldiers and Aileen came in for two lines spoken by Astor. Here we all are –

Terry on left, me in my steampunk hat, Aileen ready for her lines

Terry on left, me in my steampunk hat, Aileen ready for her lines

Terry declared the book launched, and we sold a heap of copies. As someone said, all you need as a selling point is the key line – what if rock ‘n roll had been invented a hundred years before Elvis Presley, way back in 1846?

Fun Night at the Aurealis Awards!

May 13, 2012

I had to tear myself away from revision work on the latest novel (I’m really in the flow!) to go to the Aurealis Awards last night – but so glad I did! The turnout was amazing – people from every state, a Who’s Who of spec fic in Australia. I’ve never seen an Awards night better attended by authors and publishers. It was so great to catch up with friends!
I only remembered to pull out my camera now and then – and spent half the night wondering why it wouldn’t work (I’d accidentally set it to video!) Here’s me (without glasses), Sean Williams and Cat Sparks before the show –

The venue is the old Independent Theatre in North Sydney, with its spectacular ceiling. Not sure if it’ll come out in this photo-

That’s when people were filing in, and Rob Hood’s first bit of video was showing on the screen. I wasn’t up for anything this time, so I could just sit back and enjoy. I sat next to a winner though! Thoraiya Dyer, who picked up the award for best Fantasy Short Story.

That’s Thoraiya – and she looked that happy even before she received the award! Apart from sitting next to a winner, I can claim I had a story in an anthology that was a winner – the “Ghosts By Gaslight” won best anthology, ed. Jack Dann and Nick Gevers.
All in all, a great night!