Today, the preliminary packing. Collection of items to pack, ironing clothes, folding clothes, putting everything into the suitcase and weighing. Why are they so mean with baggage allowances? My main suitcase came in just under 23 kilos, my carry-on case weighted exactly 7. It’s those wheels – half the weight is the weight of frame and wheels.

OK, so I can fly to the States with that, then maybe lose a kilo from the carry-on luggage for the flight from New York to London (allowance 6 kilos). But coming back with Malaysia Airlines – they only allow 20 kilos of checked luggage and 5 (five!) kilos of carry-on. I’m going to have to shed things along the way – shed and definitely not accumulate. Where does the weight come from?

Hmm … I remember asking that same question apropos of something else. But I reckon I’m shedding personal kilos with all this packing business. Can’t wait to just get over there and start touring.

Here’s a mystery – why do trains in the UK alternative between cheap and dear prices? First a cheap one, then a dear one, then a cheap one, then a dear one … and so on all through the day. What’s the explanation?

Time to watch the telly, veg out and unstress for a while …

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