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March 25, 2014

Whoops – the two previous posts have ended up in reverse order. Oh well … today I did talks to the Year 7s at Ursula Frayne College in Victoria Park –

20140325-213832.jpg I forgot my Steampunk hat as well as my wallet, and had to zoom back to the boarding house before zooming out to Scotch College in the afternoon –


Northern suburbs

March 24, 2014

Start of another week – almost always two schools per day this week. Both of my schools were in Perth’s northern suburbs today. There was St Marks at Hillarys in the morning –

And Prendiville Catholic College in the afternoon –

Both times I had a lapel mic – a rare treat! Usually I’ll do without a mic rather than use a handheld – and I’ll never ever use a mic fixed on a stand!

Continuum at Melbourne

June 11, 2013

Great time at Continuum, fun panels, dinners and lunches with friends, a night of dancing, successful second launch for Song of the Slums, all good. It was especially good that Lewis Morley, creator of my steampunk guitar, was there for the launch when I showed it off, plus Cathy Larsen, creator of the cover. Here’sCat Sparks doing the launch, improvising air-yodels to match my air-guitar!

Here’s Cathy –

– and little Ashleigh Barton, checking out the novel to see if her mum should get a copy (so cute!)

Here’s the view down one end of the table at Saturday night’s dinner –

From left – Michael Pryor, Russell Blackford and Jenny, Janeen Web and Kirstyn McDermott
And the other way –

20130611-214818.jpg Trudi Canavan on the right, then Paul Ewins, then Sue Bursztynski
And a final pic in the foyer at ether, with, left to right, me, Dirk Strasser, Bruce Gillespie and George Ivanoff

So many more people I wish I had photos of, and so many other events – oh well, next con.

Family time over, back to work!

May 14, 2013

Well, weekend with Chris’s family in Brisbane is over – so great to see them all, Bec and the grandchildren. Aileen has now flown back home too, and I’m immersed in school visits again. Here’s the family round the dinner table –

Left to right, that’s Steffie, Chris, Ashleigh, Bec, Alyssa and Aileen. Plates are laden with delicious lasagna!

Wow! Steampunk guitar! Oh wow!

May 5, 2013


It’s absolutely gorgeous! See it from a distance, and it’s spectacular – the globe even has a switch to create zigzags of lightning, mad scientist style. Look at it close, and there are a million clever details! Lewis Morley, I declare you are a total genius!


Touring schools in Queensland and northern NSW

May 1, 2013

It all starts on Monday 6th May – or Sunday 5th for me, when I head north to Queensland, preparing for the big tour for SONG OF THE SLUMS. I opted to give first refusal to schools I’d visited before – it was nice to hear of so many rapid acceptances.

Monday’s school is Aquinas College, Southport; then Marymount College, Burleigh Waters on Tuesday 7th; Coolum State High on Wednesday 8th; then in to Brisbane for Mary Mackillop College, Nundah, on Thurs 9th, and Genesis Christian College, Bray Park, on Friday 10.

Relax over the weekend … Aileen flies up to join me, and we’ll be visiting Chris and Bec and the grandchildren.

Another busy week to follow – slightly messed up by NAPLAN, which not only cuts out Years 7 and 9, but knocks out every school’s organisation from Tuesday to Thursday. Still, I get to take advantage of the only day I miss by staying over at Dorrigo with Ian Irvine – a long-planned visit that’s never seemed to fit in before.

So, my school for Monday 13th is Kimberley College, Carbrook; for Tuesday 14th, St Laurence’s College in South Brisbane. Then south of the border to Xavier Catholic College at Skennars Head for Wednesday 15th. Interlude at Dorrigo … then last day, Friday 17th, at St Paul’s High School in Port Macquarie.

Home Friday night – but back to Sydney for the Aurealis Awards on the Saturday. (I’m not up for anything, but I’ve been asked to present one of them.) Phew!! And that’s only the first tour of many coming up.

Fun Night at the Aurealis Awards!

May 13, 2012

I had to tear myself away from revision work on the latest novel (I’m really in the flow!) to go to the Aurealis Awards last night – but so glad I did! The turnout was amazing – people from every state, a Who’s Who of spec fic in Australia. I’ve never seen an Awards night better attended by authors and publishers. It was so great to catch up with friends!
I only remembered to pull out my camera now and then – and spent half the night wondering why it wouldn’t work (I’d accidentally set it to video!) Here’s me (without glasses), Sean Williams and Cat Sparks before the show –

The venue is the old Independent Theatre in North Sydney, with its spectacular ceiling. Not sure if it’ll come out in this photo-

That’s when people were filing in, and Rob Hood’s first bit of video was showing on the screen. I wasn’t up for anything this time, so I could just sit back and enjoy. I sat next to a winner though! Thoraiya Dyer, who picked up the award for best Fantasy Short Story.

That’s Thoraiya – and she looked that happy even before she received the award! Apart from sitting next to a winner, I can claim I had a story in an anthology that was a winner – the “Ghosts By Gaslight” won best anthology, ed. Jack Dann and Nick Gevers.
All in all, a great night!