More schools

Wednesday I had a crazy day, starting way way in the northern suburbs of Perth, at St Stephens in Tapping –

Then all the way down to the southern suburbs, to Lumen Christi in Martin. Luckily it was outside of peak hours, so I could use the freeway and it took not much more than an hour. Here’s the library staff at Lumen Chisti – Lynley, Jonah and Janet –

Today (Thursday) was better organised – in fact my two schools were just round the corner fom one another in Mosman Park. Which was just as well, because I went from Iona Presentation College to St Hilda’s and then back to Iona again. Both of them girls’ schools – here’s the winner of the free giveaway copy of Song of the Slums at Iona –

There was a Steampunk display there too, which included a glass case full of wonderful Steampunk jewellery by Michelle Murray (Steelhip Design). I’ve put a sample at the end of this message.
And finally the auditorium at St Hilda’s. It seats 900, with a galllery level too, not visible in the photo – in fact, most of it isn’t visible in the photo. No kidding, it was the biggest auditorium I’ve ever done a talk in.



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