Authors at signing

I took a couple of pics at the end of Sunday’s signing (when crowds had shrunk enough for me to get a clear picture!)

Left to right – Jay Kristoff (Stormdancer, Kinslayer), Joel Shepherd (Sasha, latest in the Trial of Blood and Steel series), Colin Taber (Ossard Trilogy, The Landing), Stacey (our guardian angel at Supanova, looking after us and shepherding us wherever we needed to be), and D.M. (David) Cornish with his wife (Monster Blood Tattoo).
Not included – Ian Irvine who’d left to catch a plane, Scott Baker, temporarily wandering, and Steve Worland installed at the Penguin counter.
And in reverse order –

Right to left – David, Stacey, Colin, Joel and Jay.
Great bunch of guys! George R.R. Martin was generally sitting round the corner from David, with his (very long) queue approaching from another direction – but not in the moment when I took the pic. (I was generally next along from Jay)

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