Readers’ Cup, Sunshine Coast

Just back from the Sunshine Coast, where I was the author/presenter for the Reader’s Cup. What a great concept – and apparently it’s starting to take off everywhere. You have a team of four from each school, and they’ve all read the eight texts (which this year included Song of the Slums). The teams have to write out and hold up their answers to questions about the books – it’s like Who Wants To Be A Millionaire or Trivial Pursuit. And some of the questions were so difficult! I couldn’t have answered some even on my own book (like, What was Astor’s home address when she was growing up as a child? Answer: 26, Shoe Lane, London Town) But the students were brilliant, and it was so much fun, first the heats, then the finals.
I did a talk between the heats and finals, and presented awards to all the finalists at the end. I meant to have some photos taken of the event, but I forgot – so I’ll have to wait till I receive some that other people took. The only photos I took were of the view from the hotel where I was put up, the Ramada at Marcoola.Ramada


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