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July 30, 2013

Today, did a visit to Avondale School (Lake Macquarie), yesterday was Terra Sancta at Scholfields. Last week was all local Wollongong area – St Mary’s, Wollongong High Schoolf of Performing Arts, Smiths Hill and Holy Spirit at Bellambi. Oh, and a Sydney school at the very start, St Ignatius at Riverview. I’ve got piccies, but too much hassle to post them now – I’m sitting on the steps leading up to the corridor that leads to my motel room, because the wifi works here but I can’t get a connection in my bedroom. Stayed overnight yesterday at a brilliant B & B near Morisset, called Montifmor – can’t recommend too highly!

My amp – at last!

July 28, 2013

It took an age, but finally I got my amp/speaker to go with my steampunk guitar. After chasing a Vox Mini – but the producers were changing factory, no new deliveries till after Xmas – I settled on a Peavey. Doesn’t have all the sound effects, mainly just overdrive, and it’s bigger than I wanted for carrying round in the car. But hey, the advantage of size is that it also has a bigger sound. I’ve been playing it at the schools I’ve visited this week, just to show that the guitar can really do it! Weird for me, because I only ever played acoustic in the past – so now I’m playing an electric guitar like an acoustic guitar. (Confession: I was never that great anyway!) But I’ll learn properly when this touring’s over.