Continuum at Melbourne

Great time at Continuum, fun panels, dinners and lunches with friends, a night of dancing, successful second launch for Song of the Slums, all good. It was especially good that Lewis Morley, creator of my steampunk guitar, was there for the launch when I showed it off, plus Cathy Larsen, creator of the cover. Here’sCat Sparks doing the launch, improvising air-yodels to match my air-guitar!

Here’s Cathy –

– and little Ashleigh Barton, checking out the novel to see if her mum should get a copy (so cute!)

Here’s the view down one end of the table at Saturday night’s dinner –

From left – Michael Pryor, Russell Blackford and Jenny, Janeen Web and Kirstyn McDermott
And the other way –

20130611-214818.jpg Trudi Canavan on the right, then Paul Ewins, then Sue Bursztynski
And a final pic in the foyer at ether, with, left to right, me, Dirk Strasser, Bruce Gillespie and George Ivanoff

So many more people I wish I had photos of, and so many other events – oh well, next con.


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