Photoshooting the cover of SONG OF THE SLUMS

The Song of the Slums cover is created – and it’s fabulissimo! I’ll put it up as soon as everyone’s signed off on it. In the meanwhile, here are two pics of the photoshoot that created the two figues of Astor and Verrol:
Here’s super-talented cover designer Cathy Larsen arranges Katie’s hair before the shoot (‘Victorian ringlets, but tangled and dishevelled’). Katie’s hair is a natural copper-red, just right for Astor in the novel.

And here below are the two models, Tibby who plays the part of Verrol, and Katie adjusting costume. Whereas Katie’s hair was already perfect, Tibby had to perfect his look – by shaving off his beard. That’s devoltion to duty! Meanwhile, Cathy and herphotographer check camera angles.

Katie and Tibby – or Astor and Verrol – are about to do their dash down the alleyway – but since the alley way has already been shot separately,so they’re going to dash towards a blue screen. So many separate bits of photo-work went into the final creation!

There’s a story about the alley, but it can wait till I put the final cover up.


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