Dumb! Dumb! Dumb!

I’ve been quiet lately, and not only on the web! Two weeks ago, I was coming down the long flight of stone steps from our front door to the drive, slipped and descended the last eight steps on my spine. I was just about paralysed – took me ten minutes before I could move enough to crawl back up to the front door. Since then I’ve hardly left the house, nursing my back, taking pain killers, etc. It’s getting better, but it’ll take a while to really heal. Seems I have a fracture of the vertebrae not in the form of a crack but what they call a ‘squish’ – which is when the bone is sort of ground inwards.

Apart from pain and inconvenience, it’s fitted in with the fact that I’m working non-stop on revision for the next steampunk novel, so haven’t needed to get out (except for medical appointments). But I’ll have to be OK for a school visit when I get flown up to Brisbane in ten days time, and then for being a guest at the Sydney Supanova on June 15-17th. Some specially exciting news about the Supanova – but it can wait till my next post!

And here’s an X-ray of my un-beautiful spine …


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