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Wow! The A. Bertram Chandler Award 2012!

June 14, 2012

I couldn’t believe it on Sunday night, when I got a text from Jack Dann saying he’d just presented me with the A. Bertram Chandler Award for 2012 at the Melbourne Natcon – only I wasn’t there. I felt bad not to have accepted in person, though I’m sure Jonathan Strahan did a great job accepting on my behalf – but what an occasion to miss. It’s the first Melbourne Con or Natcon I’ve missed in ages. 

Of course, I had no idea I might win anything, let alone the A. Bertram Chandler Award, which is an overall award for making a major contribution to Australian SF and spec fiction. I look over the list of previous recipients and think, wow, do I really belong in that company? It’s a huge honour, and I feel kind of humbled.

The actual prizes arrived today – a massive decorative plate, a lovely little engraved glass plinth, and a framed citation certificate. I took a photo –


Hmm, not sure if that shows up very well. I did my best!

Supanova Steampunk Documentary!

June 6, 2012

Update, update! The panel on steampunk by Michael Pryor and me is set for 4.00 on Sunday in the Supanova Seminar Room – filming starts then and continues on afterwards.

It’s a week and a half to the Sydney Supanova – the special big bash, Supanova’s tenth anniversary celebration. Not only stars of film and TV (more than I can list – check ’em out at but also yours truly, Richard Harland! (the overseas author is Christopher Paolini, of “Eragon” fame)
For me, the most exciting bit will be the filming of a steampunk documentary. Michael Pryor and I are doing a panel on all-you-ever-wanted-to-know-about-Steampunk, and filming will take place during and after the panel. Come in steampunk togs if you have any – or come anyway.

Here’s the official invite, open to anyone attending Supanova on the day –

Michael Pryor and Richard Harland

“Would you like to appear in a Steampunk TV documentary? Simply, attend Michael Pryor and Richard Harland’s panel over the weekend at Supanova in Sydney. Filming will take place during the panel as well as an opportunity to be interviewed straight after the panel. So come dressed in your best outfit and tell us why you love Steampunk! Tell your friends and family to come along and make this event one to remember!

Keep checking the following page link for confirmation of which day and room this event will be held.

We look forward to seeing you there.”

For any further information, please contact Trevor Howis at

Dumb! Dumb! Dumb!

June 3, 2012

I’ve been quiet lately, and not only on the web! Two weeks ago, I was coming down the long flight of stone steps from our front door to the drive, slipped and descended the last eight steps on my spine. I was just about paralysed – took me ten minutes before I could move enough to crawl back up to the front door. Since then I’ve hardly left the house, nursing my back, taking pain killers, etc. It’s getting better, but it’ll take a while to really heal. Seems I have a fracture of the vertebrae not in the form of a crack but what they call a ‘squish’ – which is when the bone is sort of ground inwards.

Apart from pain and inconvenience, it’s fitted in with the fact that I’m working non-stop on revision for the next steampunk novel, so haven’t needed to get out (except for medical appointments). But I’ll have to be OK for a school visit when I get flown up to Brisbane in ten days time, and then for being a guest at the Sydney Supanova on June 15-17th. Some specially exciting news about the Supanova – but it can wait till my next post!

And here’s an X-ray of my un-beautiful spine …