Steampunk at Supanova!

I had a ball at Supanova, signing Worldshakers and Liberators at the Dymocks stall, and doing a joint presentation on steampunk with fellow Australian steampunk author Michael Pryor. Huge event – I didn’t hear the final numbers, but on Saturday it was well on the way to being the biggest Supanova ever.

Best of all for me was to see so many steampunk costurmes there! In fact, there were more the second day than the first – because people had been buying steampunk gear from the stalls around.

Oh, yes, we’re arriving big time!

For some classy steampunk costuming, here are Michael (not the author), Angela and Cherie – plus me, not quite so classy because my shirt is hanging out. A real Victorian-era gentleman would probably die of shame if seen with his shirt hanging out.

I’m wearing my aviator helmet and goggles in that pic, but most of the time I wore my new steampunk hat. Cost me a lot of money, that hat – but, boy, did it attract a lot of attention! Here it is being modelled by a fan, Ruth. I’m wearing my ordinary black (but new) top hat.

I haven’t got a pic of all the authors at the signing table – sorry, Brandon (Sanderson – who’s completing Robert Jordan’s’s Wheel of Time series), Kylie (Chan) and Trent (Jamieson). Here’s the best I can do – with Michael Pryor, Keri Arthur and yours truly-


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2 Responses to “Steampunk at Supanova!”

  1. Cherie Woodard Says:

    Great to meet you, and I’m looking forward to finishing your book! 🙂

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