Au revoir, Rue Saint Maur

Off today! Groan! But happy memories of the time we’ve enjoyed in Paris.

Yesterday evening we celebrated our last night in the apartment with a bottle of good French champagne and, er, pizzas. Well, we’re half class. It had to be something takeaway, and there’s a really good pizza place right next to the front door of our apartment block. The guy who makes the pizzas is from Bangladesh – it’s a multicultural world…

Today, all can be revealed – the divan bed folded out had a tilt on one side, so we made a bigger bed facing the other way by folding out a chair that converted into a bed. But the way it converted – we couldn’t make sense of it when we tried to turn it back into a chair on our second day. We were thinking we’d never manage it at the end. But hurrah! We worked it out (after about half an hour!)

We took our time packing, had a final lunch, went to our local cafe for a final coffee. We said au revoir to our little apartment, au revoir to our local metro and supermarket. Then I called for a taxi on Aileen’s mobile. Mine had already run out of credit, and I was sure hers would too before I completed the booking. It’s hard enough hearing taxi reservation voices in Australia – add a different language, and it was a nightmare. I couldn’t hear enough to press the right buttons, and when I got someone on the other end who spoke a little English, even then there were so many tricky questions to understand and answer.

Anyway, we got our taxi and made it out to the airport – we had plenty of time then, but now we have even more. Because the first thing we saw when we looked at the Departures board was that our KLM flight to Amsterdam was ‘annule’ – cancelled!

When I went to the KLM counter, it turned out we’d already been booked onto an Air France flight going to Hong Kong, followed by a Qantas flight to Sydney. So we didn’t avoid Qantas in the end after all! Our plane doesn’t leave Paris until 11.20, almost 5 hours after our original flight, but because we don’t have the extra flight and airport stop at Amsterdam, and because our stop in Hong Kong is 2 hours instead of about 7, we end up arriving in Sydney more than an hour earlier. So it’s all good – better to hang around now through the evening than at Kuala Lumpur when we’d be already half zombified. And we’ve got a voucher for a restaurant meal, so no complaints from us!


3 Responses to “Au revoir, Rue Saint Maur”

  1. Gilberte Says:

    Get home safe, merci d’être venus 🙂

  2. richardharland Says:

    Home safe and tired – and happy.

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