Au revoir, Paris!

Today, we head off to Versailles, thus completing Aileen’s wish list of all the things she wanted to do in Paris. Mine’s already been completed. It was only a wish-list, and I was only hoping to get some of it done – amazingly, we’ve done everything, alone or together but mostly together.

We’ve developed a new habit. At home we take it in turns to make coffee/tea in the morning, then drink it in bed while reading the newspaper. Now instead of the newspaper we use my iPad to read and answer email in bed with morning coffee. I think I’ll have a struggle to reclaim the iPad when we’re home – Aileen has become very VERY attached to it.

Ditto Habibi – I suspect he’s become VERY attached to Michelle. She’s ended up staying the whole time in our house, and the cat follows her everywhere, I hear, even into the toilet. He’s going to get a reality check v soon!

Later in day … We’re desperately trying to eat as many patisserie cakes and Algerian sweets as we can before we have to leave. Well, I exaggerate, but it’s a good thing they only weigh the baggages and not the passengers for the plane.

We went to Versailles today – lucky, the sun shone, even though it was so cold I used the earflaps of my Russian cap. Versailles is very grand, not to say grandiose – all that heavy gilt and marble, but it doesn’t look as if anyone ever actually lived there. Relatively unfurnished compared to Fontainebleau. I suppose no one ever actually did live there in an ordinary human way – it was all a show of magnificence, a public display.

I knew my camera battery was low, but I took a picture in one room and the power died on me completely. I took a picture of our local metro (just fifty meters away) and the stairs to our apartment, but I can’t transfer anything from my camera now. Here’s a photo inside our apartment I took earlier –


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