Adventure Beyond Paris

Today we took a train trip to Chartres. Outside of Paris, it was real late autumn weather, very misty, and the leaves on the trees all beautiful yellows and browns. Still not full-on winter, in other words.

We must jinx public transport: on Friday, there was an accident ahead of us on the line, blocking trains for hours. Yesterday, the lights inside the carriage went out, and there was an announcement that there was someone on the line (a body on the live third rail?) That was only a 5 min delay. Today, the train stopped halfway to Chartres and we had to go the rest of the way by bus.

Chartres is as I remembered it from over thirty years ago – the most beautiful stained glass in the world. I loved it all over again. Here’s a photo, but only the palest imitation of the real thing.

We wandered around the old town, warmed up on onion soup in a tiny restaurant (I still think I do a better onion soup), and somehow didn’t get rained on even though you could almost see the raindrops forming in the air. (We’ve noticed this before, how it can come so close to raining you’d swear it had already started – yet it still stays dry.) Here’s us at the restaurant –

One Response to “Adventure Beyond Paris”

  1. Thoraiya Says:

    Wow. That is an awesome window. I love stained glass!

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