Je suis un flaâneur!

I remembered that French word for lounging, strolling along the streets, lazily observing the passers-by – flâner. Even the sound of it is world-weary! Well, that was me today! I was a flâneur in the streets of the Marais, wandering wherever the fancy took me, watching people, browsing in shops. Actually my browsing ended up quite goal-oriented, because I found a shoe shop where a whole lot of shoes were on sale, and I bought a pair that I really like really cheap. I’ve needed new shoes ever since I discovered my desert boots let in water – that was a discovery when catching the train up to Stdney airport.

I also found a bookshop where all sorts of art books were selling at huge discounts – I could’ve bought heaps, but then I’d have the weight to bring back on the plane. So I got a calendar for Aileen and a wonderful bizarre Dracula pop-up book, where the vampires pop up right out from the pages!

It was sunny today – cold but sunny, perfect for wandering. Aileen was doing a bus our she’d booked earlier – we didn’t know when I’d be free until close to leaving Australia. She had a lovely time in the sun too.

Guess what? I discovered a steampunk Metro station! It’s Arts et Métiers, the line there we don’t usually use. It looks like this

Nice, huh?
I’m now back at our apartment, and I took a photo of our little kitchen –

Small but cute. We’re off to the opening of the Salon de Montreuil this evening, which is why I’m blogging earlier.

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