Still holidaying!

We still haven’t adjusted our body clocks properly – we keep falling asleep around 9.30 at night. Maybe beer with Indian restaurant meal had something to do with it.

So Aileen got some face cream and fancy stockings, and we admired the Xmas decorations. Here’s Aileen with the dome and galleries of Galeries Lafayette.

Then we went to meet her friend Maggie, who’d come over for the day by Eurostar train. Getting up at 5.30 in the morning – there’s friendship for you! V nice chatting to her – then I went off to see the Saint Chapelle – yes, more stained glass! It’s like being inside a jewel box. I swear I’ll dream dreams of that unbelievably deep cobalt blue tonight,

Now it’s off to do some more Parisian dining – French food tonight, yum!

One Response to “Still holidaying!”

  1. richardharland Says:

    Wow, I didn’t know I was worth more than about 6.20 a.m.! Seriously, it was great to meet you. We’re still having a lovely time – hate to think we’re actually half way through already!

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