Of Parties and Puces

Yesterday when I was signing at the bookshop, I was told that the Rue Oberkampf area, where we’re staying, is the area of Paris where young people go to party. Boy, did they party next door to us last night! They were wild, and they went all the way through until morning. We got some sleep, ut only thanks to pillows over the ear and sleeping pills.

I’m going to try inserting the photo from dinner with publisher again –

Ha, got it that time! Sophe (my publisher) is on the left next to Aileen, and Gérard (artist, illustrator) is on the right next to me. (The photo was taken before Gilberte and Valérie arrived)

Today we went to the famous flea market, the marché aux puces, at St Ouen. We only got round a part of it – looking for Xmas presents for Aileen, we checked out the main clothing and jewellery areas. I bought myself some steampunk goggles (genuine Austrian military goggles) and a super-smooth shirt. For Aileen, red boots, poncho and various bits of jewellery.

While we were wandering round, amazing coincidence! We ran into Dario, a teacher from the school where Aileen used to teach. We knew he was holidaying in Paris, but the chance of running into him …!

The weather has turned cloudy again. It showered for about 2 minutes. On the positive side, it’s warmer again too.

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