Les Enfants sur Le toit

Today was my first day on duty – at least for a part of the day – reading and signing at a Montmartre bookshop called Les Enfants sur Le tout. Aileen slept in late, then we went to the top of Montmartre by Metro and funiculaire. One thing we’ve discovered – this ‘off’ season for tourists doesn’t seem very very off at all – tourists everywhere. Last time I went to Montmartre over thirty years ago, the artists in Place du tertre,they were all painting imitation Utrillo streetscapes – now they only do portraits of paying customers.

We didn’t have long for wandering- then we had descend steps to the bookshop. Here’s me with Corinne and Valérie, who own and run the shop, and a third woman who works there.

I did two readings in French – I was a bit disappointed in myself, that my French wasn’t smoother, but Aileen thought I was impressive, So maybe I’m being too hard on myself. The audience was tiny, yet a surprising number of people bought one or hothead books in the course of the afternoon.

It was dark by the time we left the bookshop, and cold. The weather turned sunny today, but cold at the same time. We had some excellent cold weather food at a nearby bistro restaurant – cassoulet for me and rabbit for Aileen.

Waves of sleep are passing over me, even though it’s only 9.30. I guess the body hasn’t adjusted to the time zone. Here’s a view looking up from our window.

2 Responses to “Les Enfants sur Le toit”

  1. file dans ton livre Says:

    Hello Richard,
    Your interview “en français” is online:
    Thank you very much for your kindness.
    If I don’t see you again at the Salon du Livre, have a nice time in Paris. And then… go back to work! We want to read the next book!

    • richardharland Says:

      Hi Odile!

      So the sound worked out! Big relief! I’ll go and check it out now. It was great to meet you, and I’m hoping not for the last time. I’ll be at Montreuil samedi, dimanche et lundi.

      Cheers Richard


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