One More Sleep!

Today has been a weird day, because we’d both done more packing than we realised, so there wasn’t much left to do. I remember driving in to town to collect business cards and search for felt or padded vests in the shops (wrong season here – no joy!), and I did some novel planning, called on neighbours, arranged my cabin luggage, printed out a few maps – where did the time go? I must have done more than that, but I can’t think what.

The flights, via Kuala Lumpur and Amsterdam, will last 26 hours – blechhh! Utter boredom, cramped legs, more boredom, too much food. We arrive early in the morning – Thursday morning in Paris. There was a problem with the apartment, would it be ready in time, but now it looks like we’re in luck and we’ll be able to go straight there. In the evening, we go for dinner with the Sophie (publisher), Gilberte (editor) and Valérie (translater) from Hélium. It’ll be great to meet them again – last time was on a flying visit to Paris after I’d finished the US and UK book tours.

Here’s a photo of the Espace Montreuil l’Est, where the book fair happens – I found – many more impressive video clips and virtual tours, but this was all I could download

So one more sleep! We leave for the airport around noon, and Michelle comes over later in the day to live in the house while we’re away (and feeding Habibi). As for that 26 hours – I wipe it from my mind, a slip in time, it doesn’t exist. I wish they’d hurry up and invent cryopods for frozen suspended animation for long distance flights.

2 Responses to “One More Sleep!”

  1. file dans ton livre Says:

    Hello Richard,
    I’ll be interviewing (if you agree of course!) you in the “Les enfants sur le toit” bookshop on saturday. I’m running a new blog on children books. I’m looking forward to meeting you. And if you need some tips on Paris, feel free to ask!
    Have a good flight and see you on saturday


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