Aussie BBQ

Here’s what my study looks like, with stuff ready to pack (and there’s more in the lounge room). I need a compression tool!

Took time out from preparations this afternoon – a BBQ at Jamberoo to welcome Keith Stevenson and Nicola O’Shea to Wollongong. Both in publishing, Keith a writer as well as an editor – and they’ve just escaped the Sydney rat race for the peace of the Gong. The BBQ was at Alan Baxter’s place, a little way south at Jamberoo, set in a green valley with black and white cows. Perfect rural peace! Alan and Alinka live in what was once a dormitory house for workers at the milk factory. Cat Sparks and Rob Hood were there too – just back from Phuket.
We had special sausages from the Jamberoo butcher – not only called beef sausages but really totally packed full of local beef. Showers pattering on the roof, dog chasing and catching the remnants of a soccer ball, cows going off to be milked, flies being friendly – a great reminder of all things Aussie before Paris.

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