Too late, the Vision Splendid!

I’ve had a revelation, but I don’t have time to act on it. I was up till after midnight yesterday downloading apps and other material onto my iPad – the one I’m typing on now. Apps for finding cafes in Paris, and opening hours, interactive maps, guides, dictionaries – theres an app for everything you need to know overseas. Many of them free, none of them more than a few bucks. I still feel as if I’ve only just scratched the surface. Fact is, an iPad is the ONLY thing you need for travel in a foreign country – the things you can do with a WIFI connection are just a bonus on top of all the things that apps can do.

Except there’s one tiny huge problem. My iPad is just too bulky to tote around everywhere. What I really needed was n IPHONE! But I don’t have time to shop and buy and do all the downloading now. Life could’ve been so much simpler!

That’s the cover of the French edition of WORLDSHAKER. Very different! French readers have their own traditions of over style. That one certainly worked.

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