Cats and logos

Hah! Habibi, our cat is getting very sooky (well, my cat really, because Aileen’s so much not a cat person). Do you think cats know? I swear every cat I’ve ever had starts acting strange several days before I leave for a while. It’s not as if there are any clues, no obvious signs of packing yet. Anyway, it’ll be his lucky day, because Michelle will be staying in the house most of the time when we’re away, and he loves Michelle.

I’ve been preparing readings in French, and using Google Translate to do a French version of what I’ve said in previous interviews and talks. (Sometimes Google Translate goes barking mad, but mostly it gives me at least the words I need to remember.)

Here’s the logo of the Salon de Monteuil, the big book fair. I’ll be there for the evening launch on Wednesdayember 30th Nov, and for signing on Saturday, Sunday, Monday after that.

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