Getting frantic!

Today, I failed to do my proper day’s writing – O woe! It’s like a contract I make with myself, and still feel as if I ought to fulfill it. I decided to check on the possibility of having a short run of business cards done – mini-adverts really, with the covers of the French books in gloss and colour on both sides. I wasn’t expecting to go ahead with it, until it turned out that I hadn’t left it and it wasn’t hellish expensive. But then I had to create the artwork, which took up almost the whole morning. This afternoon, there were euros and cash passport to arrange – all done successfully this time – so my unfinished writing still hangs suspended in my mind. Oh well. Get real, Richard.

My schedule of signing and talk-giving duties in Paris should allow me a few days entirely for holiday, and several free periods on other days. So I’ve been throwing in my two bob’s worth of what I’d like to do. Aileen wants to visit a particular flea market and Galeries Lafayette/Au Printemps on the Grands Boulevards (we’ll do those together) and visit Versailles (on her own … she has as much free time as she wants, of course). Plus she has a friend from the UK coming over one day, and two days’ of hop-off-and-rejoin bus tours already booked. My wish list takes in Chartres and Fontainebleu (day trips from Paris), the Musee d’Orsay and the Louvre, and the Sainte-Chapelle. It’s only a wish list – only some of it will become a reality!

I kicked off this post with a view looking down the street from our apartment (in theory – there might be a tree blocking the view or anything in practice). Now here’s a view across to the other side of the street.

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