rue st maur

Here’s Rue St Maur, thanks to google earth. This is the part of the street where our apartment is, though I’m not sure which building.

Today was good and bad. The good bit was that I completed another chapter in the latest steampunk novel, and now I just have one chapter to go before I reach a turning-point, two thirds of the way through, where the story and setting move into a new phase. It’s the point I had in mind to finish before the Paris trip, though I doubted I’d make it – now I’m sure I will, in probably three days. Then I can concentrate on packing and preparing.

It was a bit of the preparing that went wrong today – getting euros and a cash passport loaded with euros from the new local Travelex. We hadn’t set ourselves up with enough cash or decided exact quantities, but that was nothing to the Travelex office. We had to hang around until it finally re-opened, went through all the business of application etc – and then the office system collapsed. Well, being generous, it was the office computer connection that wouldn’t activate the cash passport – though I wonder whether it was the operative who didn’t know what to do. We weren’t interested in a non-activated cash passport, so we took our money back and harumphed off – with the whole thing to do again (at a different place) tomorrow.

Makes you remember all the frustrating little things that can go wrong when travelling!

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