Shoes and reviews, and zombies

This is serious – I polished my shoes and boots for Paris. In fact, I polished all my sboes and boots. It takes something really REALLY important for me to do that! It only happens every two years or so.

Did I say – I was originally booked on Air France flights, which involved a leg with Qantas. Too risky! So now I’m on KLM plus a leg of Malaysia Airlines, and our travel agent managed to get Aileen onto the same flights and side-by-side seats. But it adds an extra hop at the end, from Amsterdam to Paris, so something like 26 hours altogether, not counting travel up to Sydney and travel from Charles de Gaulle airport to Paris. We’ll be like zombies when we arrive!

The two airlines are a problem for luggage, because KLM has a very generous allowance, 23 kg for checked and 12 kg for cabin luggage, whereas Malaysia is mean as mean – 20 kg for checked and only 5 kg for cabin. 5 kg! And we’re stuck with the lower limit.

Here are the first lines of a review of Le Liberator that came out in the very serious French journal, Rvue des Livres pour les Enfants. The opening sentence reads “Even better than the first volume (Le Worldshaker) if that’s possible.” Whoo1

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