Paris planning

Isn’t it weird – every newspaper weekend magazine has been running articles on Paris over the last few weeks. It’s not as if this is the most obvious time to visit Paris. It’s pretty cold – it’ll be a huge shock for us after days like today, over 30 degrees in Sydney (we went up to Sydney to see a movie after I won a free pass to “Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark”. Is there some sort of Parisian morphic resonance going on, or have the articles always been there and I’ve just started noticing them?

After blogging yesterday, I must have moved into a new stage of thinking ahead, because I’m starting to calculate food by the day, e.g. no need to buy more fruit because what’s in the house will last till departure date. Like a count down! And after all, we’ll only be away for a fortnight, so it’s not as if much would get thrown out. But it’s a definite state of mind thing!

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