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Steampunk ‘conversation’

October 31, 2011

I’ve been head down writing the next steampunk novel, haven’t come up for air for weeks. Now it’s coming towards the time when I have to break off for the trip to Paris and the Montreuil Book Fair. But first, there are a few homegrown festivals, like the NSWWC Speculative Fiction Festival on Saturday 5th – and a ‘conversation’ where I get interviewed by Josh Lobb of Wollongong Uni at the Wollongong Art Gallery.

So now I just have to share these pictures – because the ‘conversation’ ties in with an exhibition by Anita Larking at the gallery – and I don’t know if she thinks of herself as a steampunk artist, but she IS! Here’s the image on the poster advertising the ‘conversation’ –

See? all the glass pipes and stuff? But my real favourite is the tear collector, or “Apparatus for the Repatriation of Tears”. If you look at it, you’ll see the strap at the top that goes round one’s head … then there are the funnels that go under the eyes for gathering the tears … then all the way down to the taps and gizmos at the bottom. Hey presto! Essence of tears! I love it!