11th August – back through NSW

The Queensland trip is nearly over, coming back down the NSW coast. Two more schools to visit, one more motel. I thought I’d do a score card:

Best Value Motel: the one I’m about to leave in Port Macquarie, the Narimbula Lodge. Quiet, comfortable, all the extras like microwave and Austar, even the only water view I’ve had all trip – and only $60.

Best Holiday Accommodation: definitely the holiday unit I stayed in in Noosa. Heaps of space, full cooking facilities, balcony, heated spa – and cheap as a wotif special. I think of my five days in Noosa as the holiday part of my trip.

Best Book Sales: I still have to hear late orders from the last schools in Brisbane and all of NSW, but I’m betting St Lawrence’s in South Brisbane will be the winner. I didn’t keep an exact count of books sold on the day, but the total would be definitely over 110. Congrats, St Lawrence’s!

Things Left Behind: this morning I discovered I’d left my breakfast bowl and knife and spoon behind in my Coffs Harbour motel. Today and tomorrow, I’m eating my Sultana Bran out of a Coffe mug with a teaspoon. A few days ago, I left a bottle of grapefruit juice, Italian cheese, olives and butter behind at Surf Street motel in Mermaid Beach. Lovely motel, but it must have done something to my memory, because I did my worst bit of leaving behind when I stayed there twelve days before – I drove off to my school for the day without my steampunk vest and jewelry, and without my jacket containing wallet, credit cards, everything. But it was all kept safe for me – I just had to drive back over my route later on to collect it, an extra 50 km.

Best Family Moment: visiting stepson Chris, partner Bec, and grandchildren in the southern part of Brisbane last weekend.

Best Weather: all the way! I’ve been so lucky – there have been rain and storms around, but not on me! It’s been blue skies non-stop for three weeks. The only time it’s rained has been overnight while I was asleep. Looks like a grey sky today, though.

OK, time to get ready for today’s school – St Paul’s in Port (local shorthand for Port Macquarie) Yesterday was john Paul College in Coffs Harbour, the day before was Francis Xavier at Skennars Head near Ballina, and Monday was Tweed River State High in Tween Heads.


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