End of Continuum, and after

I never finished my blog on Continuum. What I remember is a panel on steampunk where I got savaged by Catherynne Valente, Dave Cake and Stephanie Lai – I wasn’t ready for all three of them to gang up on me and attack steampunk! it didn’t help that I was meant to be the moderator and therefore giving everyone a fair chance to speak. Oh well, it was lively I guess, but I could have wished the sides had been more equal. Much of the time, it felt as though we were talking about totally different books. I probably should’ve asked everyone to name the books they were arguing on at the start.

Monday was dominated by the Chilean volcano that had sent up it’s ash cloud, closed off all flights from Melbourne on the previous day and looked likely to do the same for Monday. With travel for school visits starting on Tuesday, I was really worried – a worry that overhung the rest of the con, even though I enjoyed some great panels and some great chats with friends over food and coffee. But then came the latest status update, that my evening flight had been cleared, though an hour delayed – I headed out to Avalon on the shuttle bus, and yippee, it wasn’t even delayed. So I arrived in Sydney in time to catch the train and get back home just after midnight.

Then it was unpack, re-pack, and parcel up books for schools. I managed to get it all done in time, drove off and spent the night in Sydney at my sister-in-law’s. I managed to forget my watch, then my Navman died on me, and as I was on my way to my first school on the Central Coast, I got a flat tyre. Luckily, it was in a lull in the drenching rain, and I had time to spare. So I arrived at Wyong with a changed tyre and all was well.

Today I’m at a B & B in Gosford – actually more like staying with a family – a great little place called Wombats. I did another school visit today, and I drive back after a third tomorrow. Keeping busy!


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