Continuum, Ssturday

Saturday was the day of going out eating and drinking with people. First,out for coffee in the morning, then a cheapy Vietnamese restaurant for lunch, then with Jack and Janeen and a gang of friends for dinner at a Greek restaurant. The banquets at the Greek restaurant was amazing – course after course after course – must’ve been at least twelve courses. We were all falling by the wayside before we got through them all. Plus good wine, good conversation … I’ve decided that going out eating and drinking with friends is one of the things I like best about cons. (At Swancon in Perth, I did way too much eating in my room – very convenient but not very sociable)

I had a string of three panels in the afternoon, one after the other. First was the best, because it had a large audience. The second had a tiny audience mainly because the time had been shifted and nobody knew it was on – including one of the panelists. The last had a small audience, but then it ran from 6.00 to 7.00, not a good timeslot. Good debate in all … I suppose I expect panels to be lively and fun with audience interaction, so it no longer surprises me when they are.

Going to the Greek restaurant meant I missed most of the maskoballo – but then I didn’t have a costume anyway. I got back in time for three quarter of an hour’s dancing before the midnight shutdown. Didn’t go to a room party after – I must be getting old!


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