On a French Roll!

Another award in France! Yippee! Hot on the heels of the Tam-Tam, this time it’s the Prix Lucioles, decided by a jury of eight readers! I don’t know any more than that as yet.

Meanwhile, the Tam-Tam Je Bouquine has been formally conferred, and my French publisher, Sophie Giraud of Hélium was there to accept it. Here’s the webpage –

That probably won’t be very readable, but in the bottom panel, the jury members say things like:
Pauline, 12: “Amazing, lots of suspense, we go into another universe and then forget to go to school!”
Valérie, 15: “An unforgettable kiss!” [that’s Col and Riff in Chapter 12]
Paul, (7th grade): “Beautiful story, beautiful writing … we are immediately hooked!”
Michael, 13: “[I voted for this novel] because I do not like science-fiction, but I loved this novel, half science-fiction, half adventure, with a love story stuck in the middle!”
Louise, 13: “Worldshaker moved me because these two characters should never have met one another. And Col is really brave to confront his family to defend other people’s freedom. Amazing also to settle a whole world on a boat! I can’t wait to read the sequel.”


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