The Moment!

29-30 May. You know those special moments when everything just comes together perfectly? Happened for me driving back from Apollo Bay – when the cloud at the start of the day evaporated and the sun came out. I stopped in at Lorne, a lovely little seaside town on the coast – beaches and a pier, white combers on a blue sea, backed up by green hills. I called in at a bookshop that had copies of Liberator, and Lindy and Brenda recommended a place to go for coffee near the sea. It was down a dirt track – a sort of kiosk cafe with the sea on one side, lagoon on the other, right by one end of a wooden suspension bridge across the mouth of the river. just magic to sit there at a table under an umbrella, drinking coffee and eating a yummy carrot cake muffin. A little bit of heaven on earth!

Today – Monday – I overcame a tickle in the throat and managed not to cough while giving 3 talks at two schools in Geelong. Aileen rang me tonight to tell me I’ve won a Tam Tam award (not sue if that’s how it’s written) for YA readers – the top French award decided by young readers themselves. Wow! My French publishers are reprinting immediately, so that says something about what it means. Cant wait to get WiFi access so I can read the details myself.

At the moment, I’m typing this up but I can’t send it.


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