I forgot to mention my night of he’ll in Eden. Maybe I’m trying to repress the memory. I stayed in a motel I’d booked, curled up in the sheets and dropped off. Half an hour later, I woke up itching around the ankles and wrists, later on the forehead too. It felt like mosquito bites, but no sound of mosquitoes. So I snuggled down deeper, but the itching got worse. It was in my bloodstream, somehow, and I couldn’t fall asleep. When I looked at myself in the mirror in the middle of the night, there was a great welt on my forehead, another on my wrist.

Is that the symptom for bedbugs? You’re supposed to get a line of orchids, but I didn’t have that. Maybe some sort of sandfly. There was nothing I could see in the sheets.

In the end I moved across to the second bed, and wrapped myself up in the quilt on top of the blankets. Didn’t trust the sheets! I knocked myself out with sleeping pills and managed a couple of hours sleep before I had to get up for my Eden school visit.

It spoiled my associations for Eden, which is a lovely place really, a traditional fishing port, and the school was great too. Must go back and appreciate it some other time.


One Response to “Bedbugs!!”

  1. Zena Shapter Says:

    Oh no! You poor thing! Say, did you know that if you google ‘Eden’, your heavenly NSW town comes up before the Garden of Eden? Top place. Oh, and it’s not really called the Garden of Eden, it’s the Garden IN Eden. Lucky you – I think you just slept in paradise. It certainly sounds like nature gave you a snooze to remember… forever!

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