Aurealis Award – lucky me!

Wow! Total surprise at the Aurealis Awards last night. It’s the first time it’s been held in Sydney, and I got to present the YA awards. Anyway, I ran into Nyssa Pascoe on the way to the venue, and she told me she’d been one of the Horror Awards judges, which I hadn’t known. I said something like ‘So you know if I won?’, and she said something like ‘I can’t reveal anything.’ The way she said it, I was sure I hadn’t won! I’d thought I maybe had a chance, but I gave up hope there and then.

Thanks, Nyssa! Because it was all the more amazing when I did win after all!! Wow! And over such competition. My story, “The Fear” is one of the best I’ve ever written, but the shortlist was full of great stories. (Including one by Rob Hood – I’m not giving my Aurealis away, but I really wish Rob would win one. He so much deserves too, he must have come within a whisker dozens and dozens of times).

“The Fear” came out in MACABRE and it’s just been reprinted in Ellen Datlow’s US anthology, BEST HORROR OF THE YEAR # 3. The antho cover looks like this –

Congrats to all the other winners! Especially including the members of our ROR critique group – Tansy won Best Fantasy Novel, Marianne won best SF novel, and Margo won best YA Short Story. Not bad for a gang of eight!


One Response to “Aurealis Award – lucky me!”

  1. Zena Shapter Says:

    Congratulations, Richard! Well done, you deserve it!

    I’ve put the photo of us up on my blog already, but I’ll email you another – just so you have a record of the man who walked into a pole whilst reading “Worldshaker”, and smashed his nose (ie. my hubbie, Bill)!

    Can’t wait to read “Liberator”. And what a fantastic deal from Dymocks!

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