Arrived in Orange

I arrived in Orange last night, ready for the next two schools. A later start this morning, so I’m writing this blog entry even though I can’t publish it. Last motel I had free WiFi, but this one I don’t, free or otherwise. So frustrating!

Today looks like being the same sort of day as yesterday – freezing cold to start with, then turning into blue sky and sunny day. There was a freezing fog at Bathurst yesterday morning (I didn’t get up to look out today), but it turned into perfect weather later on.

I visited Mary Mackillop College yesterday, and did four talks to years 7, 8, 9 and 10. About four hundred students, almost the whole school! The students were great and I really enjoyed myself. But I must work on my timing – I set my watch alarm to go off twelve minutes before the end of every period, and still managed to run out of time four times over.

No WiFi so I can’t check my email … And last night my other favourite technology let me down too. I planned to go to a restaurant, finishing up a bottle of wine that I opened for my cheese and salami dinner in last night’s motel room. (Such great wine that I went back to Dan Murphys and bought another 6 bottles after the school visit.) But my Navman didn’t recognize the part of the street where the street numbers of my 2 possible restaurants were … Even though it’s the main street of Orange, Summer Street! Oh, Karen, you fickle betraying voice in my Navman!

Even when I asked someone and got directions, I couldn’t see any numbers on the shop fronts (see, Karen is normally so good about knowing every number on every street!) so I gave up and got a pizza from Pizza Hut. They wouldn’t let me bring my own wine, so I had pizza and wine watching TV in my room.

Ah, the traveller’s life!


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