New Tour

Had to drag myself away from GarageBand – ever since I put the app on my iPad I can’t stop playing around with it. Totally addictive! My favourite thing at the moment is to set up a smart drums beat and then play the rocks roots guitar over and around it. But no, I,m blogging so I shall blog.

It’s the start of the next burst of tours and school visits. Today I did a talk – just the one – at St Columba’s in the Blue Mountajns (Springwood). It’s an amazing school, an old monastery, and entering it is like entering an old stone castle.

I barely got there itime because I lost my car in the Westfield car park at Penrith. I love my Navman, but I wish there was some device to navigate me when I’m out of my car back to where I parked it.

Anyway, talk was great fun – amazing how quickly I slip back into the groove – and by moving it over into questions from the Year 9 students – really good questions – I ran it ine for nearly an hour and a half.

Now I’m at my motel in Bathurst – a basic sort of room, with the great advantage of free wifi. I think the temperature tonight is forecast to drop to a couple of degrees below zero. Yikes! it’s like England all over again. There’ll be frost in the morning … Hopefully the shower will be good and hot.

Orange is the next stop after Bathurst, so probably even colder again there.

After this trip, the very next week I head south for Eden, then Warragul, then Sale, two Melbourne schools, then Geelong, then three more Melbourne schools, then Shepparton on the way back to Wollongong. I’ve got plans for the weekend in the middle – I’m going to drive west, stay at Apollo Bay, and finally get to see the Twelve Apostles before any more of them collapse into the sea.


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