I’m back in Figtree, and I’ve brought a present back with me – a lousy rotten cold. On the plane back, I started sneezing and couldn’t stop. I thought it was an irritation from the nasal spray I use to clear my sinuses (always liable to have pressure problems with the ears) – but no, it’s turned out to be a full on cold. Rats!

The last day of Swancon was a quiet wind-down, as usual, but there was one totally unexpected bonus. Dennis, an old friend I haven’t seen much since Sydney Uni days – well, since he and his wife moved to Perth – had found out I was in town and invited me round for dinner. He picked me up from my hotel, drove me to their place, then took me in to the airport after. It was great to catch up.

My flight took off at midnight, the red eye special. We got in to Sydney just as the sun was rising. Apart from sneezing and closing my eyes without ever sleeping, nothing interesting happened.


3 Responses to “Aftermath”

  1. Raymond Finlay Says:

    Hi there, I stumbled upon your blog while looking into Steampunk, I have been interested in steampunkness ever since i was small, and still, to this day, love the sound of pumps.
    I was interested in (Ghosts and Gaslight), that sounds vry interesting, I would love to hear more about it or be directed to a site with a link if that would be possible, any help at all would be amazing.

    Oh and will you tell me a little bit about you and your books please

  2. richardharland Says:

    Hi Raymond,

    I just corrected the final proofs for my story in Ghosts and Gaslight, which comes out from HarprerCollins Eos on Sept 6th. It’s Victorian supernatural rather than steampunk, though it seems there are steampunky elements in many of the stories.

  3. richardharland Says:

    My iPad froze up before I’d finished! There’s probably info on Ghosts and Gaslight on the HarperCollins website.
    LIBERATOR is the sequel to WORLDSHAKER, even bigger and better than its predecessor. I wrote it in a glorious mad rush, six months from start to finish. Of course, then there were revisions in response to suggestions from US, Australia, England and France, so it wasn’t that quick overall.But still!
    It’s almost the epitome of steampunkiness, all the qualities that steampunk ought to have.

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