Of Masquerades and Awards

March 25th

Last day of the con already! can’t believe how fast it’s gone. The days blur into one another, talking, drinking, sitting around. The highlight on Saturday was the Masquerade Ball and dance. I made an effort to dress up, in my Merlin gown and my Viking leather helmet. Well, they were two things I hadn’t worn for a while – up to anyone else to decide what I was meant to be overall!

Of course, I was nowhere compared to other people’s costumes … Which I knew from previous Swancons. They do dressing up in Perth better than anywhere. idiot that I am, I forgot to take my camera, but I’m hoping to get photos from other people to oats into this blog. There was a faun, a Japanese lady-doll, a ferret … No, it’s no use describing, I’ll just have to pray for some photos to put up.

After the costume judging came the dance. High point of the con for me. With Sean Williams and Dave Cake DJing, the music was great and the dancing non-stop. As usual, my clothes were wringing wet by the end. I guess Merlin gowns weren’t designed for dancing.

Yesterday I had a reading to do, but no one told me it was on, and a kaffeeklatsch that I had to cancel because it clashed with one of my panels. That was a panel on steampunk, which was the best so far, and definitely the best attended – not an empty seat. The fairytale panel straight after was almost as well attended.

The end of the afternoon was filled up with the Ticonderoga launch cum anniversary celebration – nice to see the appreciation for what Russell’s been doing over the years.One of the few constants in Australian small press publishing.

The awards ceremony lasted most of the evening, first the free drinks, then the Tin Duck awards, then the Ditmars. Grant Stone was a wonderful MC … It would’ve got a. It tedious but for him. Over two hours of repeated applause – it tires the hands out!

Not so much on today, but my plane doesn’t fly out till midnight, so I’ll be around until the very end. Might even get to go to my first ever dead dog party!

March 23rd

I wonder why my iPad is warm? It hasn’t been in the sun or anything …

Yesterday was the first serious full day of the Con. Many more people around. The bar area, where people congregate, is the central atrium, so it’s not only people from the Con. I did some more catching up – I’m not rushing around, because I’ll have caught up with everyone by the end of the weekend.

Apart from that, I mainly went to talks in the academic stream. It was mostly postgraduate students presenting on their PhDs. I guess I was the exception, when I did my half hour talk at 5.00, on how cultural changes jump around and can’t be predicted like technological advances.

I did a talk on that at the very first con I ever went to, twelve years ago, but it was right before the closing ceremony, so I opened it up into a general discussion – and a great discussion it was too. But this time, just a talk, and a very small audience. The attendance at the academic stream fell away through the afternoon.

I had dinner with the Brisbane gang, or ex-Brisbane gang, at an Indian restaurant across the road from the Con hotel. Very handy. And best of all, it was open! There was a time when the whole of Perth shut down for Good Friday, but now some places stay open.

I’m still struggling to put photos into this WordPress blog from my iPad. If this one works, it’s the view from my hotel window!


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