Swancon at Perth

21st April

Yesterday was a comedy of errors. First, my plane to Perth was delayed, then when we arrived at Perth, all the cabin lights went out – electrical fault – so although we were able to disembark, the baggage took half an hour to come through. And just to cap it off, there was a monster queue at the pay parking machine – one of the machines had gone in the blink.

Anyway, I met up with Van – felt a it guilty keeping him waiting so long –  and he drove us to his place north of Perth. I just about collapsed into bed. But I got to chat and catch up in the morning, when we went in to Uni of WA and had a leisurely breakfast.

I took a taxi to my hotel, there was a room ready for me already – and since then I’ve had a total slob day. The most I did was go shopping – I’ve got my backup food for cons down to a fine art (it’s the same as my on-the-road food when traveling around schools, when I don’t go for takeaway). Namely, bread, tomato, prosciutto, Castello white cheese, and a bottle of red. That’s my basic life support package.

Now I’m off in to the Con, just down the road. better make a move before registration closes.

22nd April, Good Friday

The Hyatt Hotel, where the Con’s being held, is vast and spectacular – a central atrium going up a dozen floors to the glass roof, and four wings fanning out with gallery upon gallery upon gallery. The Con seems almost lost inside it – just one small area of function rooms.

It was great to catch up with people … All the regulars, and many new faces too. I spent a lot of time talking to Simon Brown, who’s over from Phuket just for the con. And still there are so many people I want to talk too – but I will, I will!

So we had the opening ceremony in just a portion of the Main Ballroom, then, after more chatting and drinking (why is it that the hotels that charge the highest prices for rooms also have to rip you off with ridiculous prices for drinks) my first panel on Writing Adventure. Tansy (Rayner Roberts) was on it too, along with Bevan whom I hadn’t met before, while Simon acted as moderator. All great fun, with a small audience,  but bursting with questions.

I put forward my four basic action/excitement situations: the fight, the chase, the edge (I.e on the edge of a waterfall, on a rope bridge that’s about to fall, any situation like that) and the hurtle (the water-slide experience, swooshing down or along at tremendous uncontrollable speed).

That was the end of the night for me – my body clock is still living East Coast time, so 10.30 feels like half past midnight.


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