Swanning off to Swancon

I fly off to Perth this afternoon – staying at Van Ikin’s overnight, then in to the hotel for the start of Swancon – which is also the Australian Natcon – on Thursday. I’m looking forward to the con – there’s always such a great community feel at Perth. I’m on a few panels, I have some of my author’s copies of Liberator to give away, and I have my costume all ready for the masquerade ball.

I meant to take a photo of my costume – sort of half Merlin and half Viking warrior, I’ll work out what it is later – but I’ve already packed it in my suitcase now, and I had such a struggle to get the case closed, there’s no way I’m going to open it up again. It’s a hardshell case, and it doesn’t zipper up well even though it’s not as full as could be.

I’ll put in a photo from Adelaide instead, just sent to me from Mariann. This was the evening gathering with drinks, where I was put ‘on stage’ for a while and did a couple of readings. It was a great night.

I’ll try to keep blogging the con from my hotel in Perth.


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