So Close now!

It’s almost LIBERATOR time! Just a couple of weeks away! Copies are going out to the bookshops now, and it’ll be on the shelves from the start of May. Whooeee! Maybe I posted up an image of the cover before but, anyway, here it is again (by Anthony Lucas, the film director who did the Worldshaker cover too – I reckon this one is even more wonderful!)

I’m off to the SF Natcon in Perth in a couple of days time – aka Swancon. Should be fun – Perth has a great Spec Fic community, there’s always a special feel to events there. I’d planned to do a couple of weeks of school visits  first, but we had a medical scare–well, Aileen had a medical scare–which turned out to be a false alarm (thanks be!), so I cancelled out. I was hoping to launch Liberator at Swancon too, but I misunderstood the publication date: only distribution to bookshops in April, the actual release date is May. Since I couldn’t be sure that copies would be available, I had to abandon the launch, though as it’s turned out I now have my own author’s copies already. So at least I’ll do a few free giveaways.

The launch proper will now be at Continuum in June.

Meanwhile, the French edition of Liberator is coming out neck-and-neck with the Australian edition. Hope we get some nice French reviews–they were all praising the language and style of Worldshaker. Even the top Parisian newspaper, Le Figaro, made a point of praising the style. I don’t know, maybe it’s just my French translator who does such a brilliant job!

The cover looks like this. 

Kind of cute? The French style of cover is very different …


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