Hi! The publication date for LIBERATOR is approaching – May in Australia – so I’m gearing up to do some promotion. Starting with Adelaide, where I’ve never visited schools or bookshops before. I head off this weekend for 2 weeks away; it’s a long long drive, but I’ll need the car when I’m over there. Plus I get to take in some schools on the way: Mildura, Gawler, Narrandera, Leeton. It’s great to visit places like that, because they normally never have the chance of an author visit.

As for Adelaide – one of my favourite cities, and I’m looking forward to catching up with old friends. Next weekend I’m doing an ‘in conversation’ with Sean Williams – somewhere between an interview and a chat between authors – at the Adelaide Festival Amphitheatre. Should be fun!

Here’s one of the posters printed for Liberator publicity;

I’m going to blog the whole trip, using my iPad – that was one of the reasons why I bought it. I bought a camera connector too, so I can transfer images from my camera. (All I have to remember is to take photos, or get someone else to take them – always the potential weak link in a great plan!)

Talking of apparatus, I made out a list of bits of electrical equipment that I’ve been recharging today, ready for the trip. Namely:

1. iPad

2. iPod shuffle

3. camera

4. electric razor

5. Navman GPS

6. mobile

I reckon I should recharge myself too!

I wish it would stop raining, so I could start loading the car. I have to make an early start, because I’ve been told it’s a 12 hours drive to Mildura.

Cheers, Richard


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