September 15th

Working frantically on two lots of revision at the same time – Liberator (I’m up to Chapter 35 of 80), and a steampunk/supernatural story for an anthology. So I still haven’t written up Worldcon. Here’s a quick version …

It was a total buzz, a schmoozefest, way too many things to do in too little time. I got to say hi to almost everyone I wanted to say hi to, but I didn’t get to talk long to anyone. I didn’t help myself by being on so many panels and other events, but hey, I enjoy doing things.

One thing I did was a joint reading with Jack Dann – we both thought we were on at the same time, which was a failure to understand the programming, but we decided to read extracts alternately – and do voices in each other’s readings. It was huge fun, and it worked for the audience too … people have even described it as one of the highlights of the Con. I don’t know about that, but it was a highlight of FUN!
Another thing I wouldn’t normally do was chair a panel on a topic I’m totally ignorant about – but I was asked to fill in on as MC for a panel on visual art in spec fic with Shaun Tan and D.M. (David) Cornish. Two great artists (and both writers too, but we were set down to talk about the art) – so I just prodded them along with questions, and they ended up having a fascinating conversation. So many revelations about the way artists work!
I can’t remember a panel I didn’t enjoy – I think I must’ve been on about eight – but one of the most interesting to me was one on steampunk, where Jay Lake was one of the panellists. (If you haven’t read his Mainspring books, I highly recommend them – mind-blowing concept!) I was on another steampunk panel too, and also gave a half hour talk on steampunk – I’ll type out thre main ideas and post them on this blog, or in the Steampunk pages.
Other events included booklaunches, parties, drinks, and the fabulous Nightmare Ball (organised bythe Australian Horror Writers Association). I got to meet a whole lot of people I wanted to meet – all the biggest names were there, from Bob Silverberg to China Mieville to George R. Martin to Kim Stanley Robinson. Here’s a piccy of Aileen and me at the Nightmare Ball –

I’m the one in the mask. Oh, well, work it out for yourself …


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