August 25th

I did a talk today at MLC Burwood, a Sydney girls’ school – and was amazed to find that so many of the Year 6 students had read Worldshaker, and one whole class was actually studying it.
I’d already learned that, although it might look more of a boys’ book at first glance, it actually works just as well for girls. But I’ve still been thinking of it as a High School book – now that’s proved wrong too!
Now here’s the best bit! The class that was studying had extended into so many associated activities! One student had made a model of Mr Gibber’s classroom – with tiny Geometry and History books on every desk, and his lessons up on the board – the Noah’s Ark lesson and the lesson on right angles versus obtuse angles versus acute angles.
Another student had made a doll of Sephaltina – perfect, because she’s so doll-like already! There were all kinds of illustrations – they’d gathered every clue on the characters’ appearances – and costume requirements, etc. And a preliminary blurb for a film of the book, with Daniel Radcliffe cast as Col and – oh help, I’ve forgotten – someone else for Riff (Lesley Anne Taylor? a name like that?).
The film angle is getting close to the truth, as Hollywood interest moves from vague to very focused. Meanwhile, the students are going to produce posters for the movie. Some are also going to produce a bottle of Ebnolia’s perfume and advertising copy for marketing it! Wonder what they’ll call it?
The projects aren’t finished yet – but they’ve promised to send me photos when they are. Watch this space!

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