August 14th

Today in Australia, it was like the first day of Spring. In Wollongong, anyway. Real heat in the sun, a glorious bright warm day. We’ve turned the corner and left Winter behind.
I feel like I’ve turned a corner too – since yesterday. I’ve been struggling to get back into the writing after the overseas tours, struggling over a particular story for a steampunk anthology. Now I know what I needed – I needed to make a start on revising LIBERATOR, the sequel to WORLDSHAKER. I’ve had all the comments in from US, UK and Australia, and I’d been baffled and boggled over how to integrate all the different revisions. All I needed to do was make a start and launch into it – and already I’m excited about the improvements.
It must have been part of the same mood that yesterday I also saw exactly what I have to do with my steampunk story. I rough-drafted the last quarter – it’s almost novella length – and all the parts fell into place. I got a handle on the ‘voice’ too, which has been giving me problems all along. Four separate starts, and never quite getting it right – but now I can!
Yippee! Like the sap in the trees, the creative juices are flowing again!

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