in the trough

I still haven’t come up for air! The  backlog of emails and other work just keeps hanging over me. I heard from my German publisher today – the German edition of Worldshaker comes out at the end of this month. The cover looks like this, very nice –

She (my German publisher) is reading the first draft of Liberator too – so far, all my good feelings about that book have been confirmed!

I spent this morning planning what can happen next after Liberator, and it’s all starting to come together. Wish I could just stop the clock and take time out for planning for a few days.

Meanwhile, I’ve been getting some very affirmative emails from bookstores in the US and UK. They’re giving Worldshaker a good push and it’s starting to move. Word-of-mouth is on my side!

Cheers,   R

4 Responses to “in the trough”

  1. Rebecca Says:

    I’m actually a Barnes and Noble bookseller in MA and I’m about 50 pages from the end of this book, and I cannot put it down!!! I will most definitely put this book in the hands of every adventure seeking kid and teen that I come across!

    Can’t wait for more,
    -Your fan
    -Rebecca C

    • richardharland Says:

      Hi Rebecca!
      Thanks for writing! Hope the last 50 pages live up to the rest so far! I can hardly believe it, but Worldshaker really is generating huge excitement. I finished the first draft of book 2 in the duology – Liberator – just a couple of months ago, and my publishers have been wildly enthusiastic about it. (Wonder if you’ll be able to guess the thrust of the next story when you read the last page of Worldshaker?)
      I can’t think of anything better than your recommendation to bookshop browsers – word of mouth starts with you! And in the end, all the hype in the world matters less than good old-fashioned word of mouth!

  2. Thoraiya Says:


    Congratulations Richard. Hard work pays off. And worldshaker really is a page-turner-and-a-half. Let us know where and when you’re going to launch Liberator 🙂

  3. richard harland Says:

    Hi Thoraiya! Maybe Liberator is even more of a page-turner – maybe a page-turner-and-three-quarters! It won’t be out until the first half of next year, though. They can’t get it out before the Xmas rush – and to be honest, I don’t deserve it to be out sooner. All my own fault for setting myself a deadline to finish the first draft by December 31st!

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