Spoke too soon!

‘Reset body clock to correct time zone’ – huh! Got that wrong! Aileen’s body clock is ticking along just fine with Australian time, but I woke up at 2.30 in the middle of last night and stayed awake for the next 3-4 hours.

(Maybe it’s a punishment for not being respectful towards John Howard)

Anyway, there was one compensation – I had the story idea I needed for an anthology I’ve been asked to submit to.

Now I’ll put up photos all through this blog – retrospective visuals. Here’s one to start, all the way back to that reading in the Changing Hands bookshop in Phoenix when I had support from the Brose Brothers in their fabulous steampunk costumes –

I’ll correct some of the typos too – all the ones from the Belgian computer in Bruges that had a French keyboard with letters in different places, so I kept typing ‘q’ instead of  ‘a’, etc. (And I always thought the qwerty keyboard was as immutable as the Ten Commandments …)

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