John Howard 0, Richard Harland 1

So strange to come home to Australia and find it so cold. After the last three weeks of hot sunny weather in England and Europe, how can Wollongong be so chilly?

We made it back in spite of last minute attempts by crazed cyclists in Amsterdam to mow us down (hordes of em, zooming at you from all angles out of nowhere), and in spite of Malaysia Airlines’ attempts to feed us to death (they did everything short of putting a pipe in our mouths and forcing food down our throats).

Guess who we ran into in Sydney airport as we staggered away from customs through the entry hall? There was John Howard, no less, surrounded by reporters who wanted to know what he thought of not being elected vice-president by the International Cricket authority. Huh! Aileen said they should’ve swung the cameras on me, since I was the one who had a successful trip overseas, not our poor ex-PM (second time unelected).

So now we’re back home recovering from 30 hours flying time between Amsterdam, London, Kuala Lumpur and Sydney, plus getting up in the middle of the night and missing 2 regulation sleeps. Funny thing is, we haven’t had jet-lag at all. A couple of hours sleep before leaving Amsterdam, a nap on the plane to Kuala Lumpur, a nap on the plane to Sydney, then a full night’s sleep back in Wollongong – and somehow our body-clocks have ended up set  perfectly into the correct time zone.

Not the correct email zone, though – I’ve got a time lag of about six weeks there. I now have a mountain of email to wade through – and if you’ve never waded through a mountain, believe me, it’s really really difficult! (I just answered an email from someone at one of the first book events I did at San Diego, and it seems to have happened in another world in another era.) I expect to be suffering cyberlag for about a week.

Here’s a visual flashback to the start of the tours – my first event in San Diego, the first piccy in my camera:

That was me in one of the Borders bookshops in San Diego.

Cheers,  R

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