Last Day!

Here it is, alas, our last evening overseas. Yesterday I resisted the blandishments of the ladies of the night, even though they posed in windows and doorways in the most negligent of underwear. On the other hand, Aileen bought a bodice of a deep blue colour and black lace – how could they compete?

I’m typing this at an internet cafe just round the corner from our hotel – half the price of yesterdays (probably because it’s a real internet cafe and not a dope shop masquerading as an internet cafe). I feel as if we’ve hardly explored the area, hardly settled into our neighbourhood – not as we did in Bruges. Instead we’ve been playing the tourists.

Today we did the 2 obvious tourist things in Amsterdam – we went for a canal ride and visited the Rijksmuseum. Dutch gabled buildings must be old, gables from the 17 & 18th Centuries, but they don’t LOOK old. Maybe it’s the Dutch habit of keeping things v clean and tidy, or maybe it’s because all the windows seem to have been replaced with modern frames and large panes of glass. (Though maybe neat and tidy has got left behind recently – garbage and grafitti all over the place – the new laissez-faire since they discovered dope?)

Canal ride piccy –

The Riksmuseum was great, but I’m getting to the stage where I enjoy buying (amazingly cheap) posters afterwards, knowing I can look at them more comfortably back at home.

Packing is almost done. By some miracle, my big case now weighs only 18 and a bit  kilos – which is a relief, since Malaysian Air only allows 20. Actually, the miracle has a scientific explanation – I rolled my used clothes up v v v tight and packed them into my carryon luggage, which weighs a ton. Well, probably at least 12 kilos, and Malaysian Air only allows five. I’m hoping they won’t check.

That’s all for now! Cheers, R


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